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Dylan Tuttle founded Vulkan Forge in May of 2011. With the help of a few friends, he has been providing small industrial companies with training services in operations and marketing. His goal was to support innovation and continuous improvement through project-based learning.

After several company projects, Dylan found that it’s hard for an outsider to make big changes. We are now focusing on documentation. We are developing a collaborative writing platform that should make the job of internal change agents much easier.

We are grateful to the professionals that worked with us on training projects over the years. We also thank Brian Tucker and Kirby Kemp for their support during our NSF funded project SBIR Phase I: Efficient Marketplace for Procedural Documentation.


Vulkan Forge will consistently deliver superior value to small businesses. We will achieve this goal through a mix of products and services that will help small businesses rapidly adapt to change. We will provide professionals with tools to grow their abilities continuously.


To serve the strategic and operational improvement needs of small business by making knowledge sharing profitable for everyone.


We share the values of the small business owner. It is only through diligence and moderation that you can build business value beside your associates. We aim for increased reliability by keeping our promises and knowing our limits.