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Welcome to Vulkans Forge Consulting!

I’ve been lax about the blog. As a new business that supposedly knows about marketing, this is a big mistake. I’m hoping that my audience will forgive me. I think most business owners will understand. You wear many hats and sometimes stuff that you know you should be doing just falls off the table.

It’s ironic because I started this business for all the small business owners I’ve met over the years. They all knew what they needed to do. They just didn’t have the time to do it themselves. Well, they’re doing something right.

These businesses have survived multiple generations and several shakeouts. Who needs someone telling them how to run their business? They don’t need growth plans, especially if they involve uncertain margins or hiring a management team that spends more time making excuses for the sudden loss of productivity than earning their keep.

The problem is that with globalization we’re seeing increased volatility. For suppliers far from the end user, the variability in demand can be extreme. This is one reason big business outsources functional areas. They don’t want to be the ones that have to manage the layoffs and hiring required by the business cycle. It’s the giver and taker that creates opportunity and imposes hardships.

Ironically, most business owners I know would rather take the hit than let go of a good employee. As one business owner told me, “My job is to make sure these other people have a job.” Return on assets isn’t even in their vocabulary. These people would rather put their assets to work for their friends and family. I don’t know of any stocks or bonds like that.

More than growth, these companies need stability. Financial stability makes planning feasible, but like the chicken and egg, which comes first? Planning for stability sounds good, but who can deliver on that promise? Well, just like you, we wear many hats and we’re good at getting the job done.

We take an integrated approach to cost accounting, operations management, and business marketing that allows you to focus on what’s important at the right moment. We offer both training and implementation tailored to your experience and budget.

I’d like you to think of us as utility players ready to step in whenever necessary. Together, we can leverage the opportunities and cost structure for your industry and location to work towards your ideal firm size.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably asking yourself “who does this guy think he his?” You could read my LinkedIn profile, but if I had to describe myself in a few words, I would say that I’m an itinerant student of the economy. Having traveled many paths, I’ve come to believe that small business is the engine that drives regional growth and community wealth creation.

I’ve designed this business to serve your needs. The obvious question is “what value can I deliver?” As a new business, all I can say is that I’m willing to work hard to win and keep your business. Success for me is helping you find stability in the change. I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about you and your business.

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